Dev Blog #004

We have a dodge-roll, we have explosives, and we have a really cool bug where kill shots with the double-barreled shotgun cause duplication of body parts. On a couple occasions, this has resulted in a rain of gibs falling down upon us after a gunfight.

In other news, most of the simulation issues related to death effects in previous builds have been resolved, and in general we’re seeing fewer serious artifacts attributable to latency. Some of the explosions in the above video are the result of grenades being thrown; this is part of the new item system that’s being implemented, whereby a player can hold both a primary weapon and some kind of secondary thing. At the moment that’s just a couple different kinds of grenades, but we’re interested in exploring usable items like mobility buffs, power-ups, area-denial effects, and so on.

The upcoming cycles will mostly be focused on further isolating and mitigating the causes and effects of latency on the player experience, as we gradually layer in additional systems. This will include utilizing some of the metrics available through the networking library, as well as moving toward a hosting environment for testing that more closely resembles the one we envision for production.