PAX West

The last time I attended PAX was in 2009, and it turns out it’s grown quite a bit. I tried, unsuccessfully, to take it all in yesterday. The main exhibit floor alone has so much going on that one could easily spend a whole day there, and that’s not even touching on the tabletop stuff, the cosplay, the panels, or the events and tournaments.

The real gold here for me is the opportunity to talk to the creators of some of my favorite games, so today I was a bit more tactical about it. I spent some quality time with Brace Yourself Games, checking out their upcoming title Industries of Titan. I’ve been watching that one closely, particularly because of the gorgeous voxel art and killer soundtrack. Also I love a good city-builder, particularly if it’s bleak and unforgiving.

I’m a huge fan of Amplitude Studios and their Endless games, especially Endless Legend. I spent close to an hour at their booth, chatting with the devs and trying out Humankind and Endless Dungeon. The former promises to scratch that strategy itch in the best way, and the latter looks to be a very challenging and visually stunning real-time successor to Dungeon of the Endless.

Devolver had a big presence, as you might imagine, and I got a look at the beautiful upcoming Terra Nil. Geeked out for a while on the Metal Core booth, and then really enjoyed playing a few rounds of Galahad 3093. So many excellent games and creators to see and engage with! Definitely going back next year.

I never did figure out what we were all crowding around the BioWare swag booth for.