Dev Blog #001

It’s been an exciting week for the team as we engage with live network testing. This has been the first opportunity for us, outside of early proof-of-concept builds, to interact with an online and “playable” version of the game.

Uhh… pretty sure it was the giant pothole affecting my aim there.

I say “playable” with scare quotes because many of the game’s features aren’t yet present, and so it doesn’t really feel like Megaweapon will eventually feel. Right now, we’re focused on reliability and optimization of the server/client network architecture, and ironing out bugs in core systems like player spawning.

Are there fish in here?

While that probably doesn’t sound super exciting, it’s been immensely satisfying to see enough of the building blocks come together to support us running around in a real level and shooting one another. There are only a couple of guns available so far, but they’re working great. In fact, @Gibs shot me a bunch of times while I was trying to take screenshots.